Stellar Optics Research International Corporation (SORIC)

SORIC dedicates its advanced technology and expertise to solve complex problems related to how matter reflects and scatters light, for applications ranging from cameras and automotive headlamp design, to space telescopes and the space station.

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Stellar optics research international corporation (soric) has created a proprietary database of experimentally measured light/matter interaction data incorporating an extremely wide range of materials and conditions that would be prohibitively expensive to duplicate. these values are highly sought after by optical design engineers, and include measured bidirectional reflectance distribution function (brdf) data, reflectance data, materials properties, and environmental effects. these quantities can be approximated using mathematical means, however such models inevitably fall short of real-world measurements. this database can be used as a “bolt on” solution to augment modern optical simulation software currently used to design high-performance ground and satellite-based equipment. this product is currently being redeployed to include a web-based client-facing service in order to extend market share.

Founded in 1993

Located in Markham, Ontario, L3T 3R1

Target Markets: Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Business to Government

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